Radhe Maa’s entry in Bigg Boss is confirmed, but her trident became a problem for the makers.

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Colors Channel hinted at Radhe Maa’s entry on Tuesday. A glimpse of Radhe Maa was seen in the promo. Radhe’s mother’s voice was also heard. However, his full face was not shown. But there is a huge buzz about his entry. Fans are also very excited about Radhe Maa’s entry. Meanwhile,

there are reports that talks are going on between the makers and Radhe about his mother’s trident. In fact, they are not ready to leave their trident outside the house and the makers do not want them to take it inside. Explain that Radhe Maa always carries a trident with her.

Spotboy quoted the source as saying- Radhe Maa is not ready to leave her trident outside the house. The production house is constantly trying to persuade him for this. According to Radhe Maa, her trident has all the divine powers. But as per the rules and keeping in view the safety of the contestants,

the channel does not allow anyone to carry dangerous instruments inside the house. Well, negotiations are still going on between the two parties on this. Explain that Trishul is shown in the promo shared by Colors Channel. But there are reports that when Salman Khan introduces him as a contestant,

he will not be allowed to carry a trident. Now it will be interesting to see if Radhe mother can take her trident inside.It is learned that Radhe Maa is from Punjab. He embarked on the path of spirituality at an early age. She also helps the needy. He has also opened a trust. Bigg Boss starts October 3. An official announcement has been made regarding the entry of Jan Kumar Sanu in the show.

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